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Healthy Tips By James & Robert

By James Forbes | In Uncategorised | on February 25, 2015

Here are some useful tips from James and Robert at the Personal Training Studio PTP to help get you moving to a healthier, happier and more productive you.

Definition of insanity? Doing the same things this year as you did last year and expecting a different result.

Have an exercise and nutrition mission statement. Having a clear idea of why you are doing what you do will solidify your habits as your core values – rather than just abstract thoughts.

Success is about mastering fundamentals.

Make foam rollers, and other myofascial release tools part of every workout.

Do something daily for your posture and mobility. This may be as simple as getting away from your desk more frequently and be aware of your posture.

Do some form of squat or deadlift variation at least 3x/week, ask if you need help.

After mobility and stability comes strength training. Once your able make it your foundational form of exercise.

Work out because you love your body – not because you hate it.

Have only 10 minutes for a workout? Spend 2-3 minutes on mobility/warm-up then jump into a metabolic circuit. Pick 2-6 exercises multi-joint exercises and repeat – little-to-no rest.

You will never regret working out once it’s done. You will, however regret skipping it.

Yoga and Pilates can be effective but if your goal is fat loss or performance-based – they should be “extra’s” when you’ve done your strength/metabolic/cardio work.

All diets work (or fail): What “works” is consistent adherence. Find an eating pattern that is nutrient-dense and that gets you into an energy deficit.

Slow down… enjoy, savour and nurture the process of preparing and eating healthy whole foods.

You don’t need to “cleanse” or “detox”… EVER. Your organs do a wonderful job of that.

Set aside 7-10 minutes every morning to prepare food for the day.

Fat loss simplified: Get in a deficit and get adequate protein – the rest is details.

Need a 5 minute grocery store fix? Mixed nuts, beef jerky, greek yoghurt, cottage cheese, tuna (grab a plastic fork or spoon too).

No single food (or category of foods) makes you fat and no single food (or category of foods) will make you thin.

2 bad days can ruin 5 good ones: Use your weekends to focus on healthy living instead of an excuse to “let loose”.

Vitamin D, fish oils, multivitamins/minerals, probiotics and protein powder are recommended supplements.

Write down what you eat. Be specific and honest. Food logging creates instant self-awareness and accountability.

Long-term success often comes down to preventing lapses from turning into full-blown re-lapses. You will slip and stumble. Get back up – as many times as it takes.

Learn 3-4 good healthy and quick recipes. These can be your go-to meals when in a pinch.

There is no universally-decided-upon definition of “clean eating.”Strive to eat well most of the time and allow for occasional indulgences and “dirty” foods. Try not to categorise foods as “good” and “bad.”

Have fun… no matter what your path, learn to be process-oriented rather than product oriented. Enjoy the journey and don’t put much stock in the “when.”

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