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Keeping Healthy Over Christmas

By James Forbes | In Uncategorised | on December 7, 2015

Keeping Healthy Over Christmas
By James Forbes

1. Eat Breakfast – like a champion!
Some people think that by skipping breakfast, it means you’ll be able to eat more later in the day. Research shows you’ll end up eating more and less healthy, sugary options. Instead have a high protein and healthy fat option, like eggs.

2. (BYO) Bring Your Own – Not booze!
If your family likes to contribute and bring dishes to family events, bring healthier alternatives to classic dishes. Look online to get some ideas. Also avoid going to a party or dinner ravenously hungry as you’ll eat anything and everything.

3. Choose Healthier Alternatives
Eat your fibrous green veggies and protein rich foods first, this will help to fill you up and satisfy you, you’ll be less likely to then overeat on the too many starchy carbs, and sugary desserts. Also stay hydrated.

4. Stay Active
If you find yourself sitting for too long, get up and move.
Try and keep up with some short workouts. A bodyweight circuit, weights routine, interval cardio and mobility drills performed throughout the week will help keep you on track and motivated to stay healthy. If you have a family with kids, get them involved, go for a brisk walk, or play football in the garden while dinner is cooking.

6. Have fun!
Remember this is special time to enjoy with the family, so have fun!
If you break your goals and binge a little with food and drink, don’t beat your self up, remember one unhealthy day out of 365 isn’t going to ruin your progress. Just try and keep this to less than 20% of the week and be as active as you can.

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