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Tips To Keep You Healthy

By James Forbes | In Uncategorised | on February 19, 2015

Tips To Keep You Healthy

Many people find it difficult to stay healthy throughout the day and find the time to exercise correctly.

A typical corporate worker spends:

1-2 hours a day sitting down commuting to and from work (seated if your lucky).

Around 8 hours working, sitting.

Around 7-8 hours sleeping, laying down.

So in total that’s around 18 hours, sleeping, commuting and working, which only leaves 4-6 hours to fit everything else in. That includes having some down time, shopping, cooking, cleaning, and working out.

This is why many people find it hard to allocate the time, and due to the amount of time spent sitting, many people have week and under active posterior chain muscles (glutes, hamstrings, upper middle back) and tight quads, hips flexors, and internally rotated shoulders (think gorilla knuckles when your arms hang down by your sides with your knuckles facing forwards).

So here are simple things you can do at work today, as well as your current training routine (incorporating mobility, stability and strength) with your trainer at the gym;

Stand Up:

Using a standing desk is great, but if you don’t have one, then stand up and stretch every 15 mins or so. This will help with circulation and blood flow. Also when seated maintain a neutral back, and active core,(slight curve in the lower back).

Drink Lots Of Water:

Staying hydrated is always essential. Around 1.5-2 litres is good for most people. This will help with your metabolism and elimination, and also give you lots of extra little walks to the loo.

Pre Make Your Lunch:

Having a healthy dinner is great, why not pre cool your lunch for the following day, that way however busy your days turns out to be, you’ll always be well prepared with a healthy nutritious lunch.

Get Some Sunshine:

I can hear you saying it ” but we live the UK”. If you can’t get out for a 5-15 min walk at your lunch break you could also try a daylight bulb at your desk. Sunshine will make you feel happier and absorb more vitamin D.

Take A Deep Breath!

Taking in deep diaphragmatic breaths through the nose, filling the lungs and then slowly exhaling through the mouth, for a few minutes can dramatically lower your heart rate, blood pressure, and cortisol levels (stress hormones, which can keep you overweight and unhealthy) and help you manage your blood sugar levels. High levels of stress lead to 90% of the chronic diseases, so stay calm and breath while walking, meditating or practising yoga.

Try incorporating these today, regards James 🙂

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